Your Home, Your Way

The car is packed, the front door is locked, and your family is ready to hit the road for a weekend getaway. After being on the highway for almost 2 hours, it hits you: “Did I turn off the stove after breakfast?”

After a few moments of re-enacting that morning’s routine, from walking the dog to cooking breakfast, packing your suitcase and turning off the air conditioner, your mind relaxes. You did, in fact, leave the stove on, but it’s under control. Your spouse in the passenger seat turned it off with the touch of a button on your Smartphone, and your family trip remains uninterrupted.

What if your home appliances could communicate, send information, and respond to commands when you aren’t there? Residential home automation systems do exactly this with help of the Internet of Things.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is exactly as it sounds – it gives homeowners the ability to remotely control and maintain everyday home appliances with the push of a button. With an intelligent home system from Fischer Systems, you’re given total access to the status of your home at all times – regardless of where you may be.

Stay in Sync

When building a home automation system with Fischer Systems, you’re able to choose which features of your home will make up your responsive smart house. From setting alarm systems to turning on front porch lights, you can remotely access your home’s everyday appliances and features.

Stay on top of what you use the most on a daily basis, ranging from:

  • Door and Window Locks
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Fire, Theft, and Pet Alarms
  • Garage Doors
  • Thermostat Control

Be in Control From Near or Far

Next time you rush out the door for work and second guess if you turned off the stove, turned on the alarm system, or even locked the front door, you don’t need to turn around.

Rest assured a residential home automation program from Fischer Systems gives you the ability to access your home through the Internet and a few clicks of an app. Continue on with your day and manage the status of your smart home from the push of a bottom – no matter where you are.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Fischer Systems’ home automation systems, give us a call today at 845-246-7558!