Build a Secure Home

Instead of wondering if you need an alarm system for your home, here’s a few reasons why installing one is essential to protecting what matters most to you. Maintain a peace of mind knowing your family, pets, property, and valuables are under reliable protection.

Installing outdoor cameras allows for you to see who is at your front door before you open it. Better yet, cameras allow you to stay updated on the status of your home when you’re remote. Alarm systems are perfect for detecting fires, smoke, and potential carbon monoxide leaks. Not only do you increase your home’s value, but installing an alarm systems lowers the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Build a secure plan that covers all areas of concern to you and your family.

You’re Protected from All Angles

Your security and peace of mind matters to us. From open window alarms to driveway entry alerts, Fischer Systems provides the tools you need to rest assured the security of your home is under watch.

Here are the facts: You can’t physically monitor your home every minute of the day to keep watch for burglary, theft, or trespassing. With 24/7 active monitoring and alarm systems from Fischer Systems, you’ll know exactly what’s happening in and around your home – whether you’re there or not.

Personalize Your Security

Fischer Systems knows the success of alarm systems varies on a home-by-home basis. Together, we can create a customized alarm system package of services to accommodate your location, residential structure, lifestyle, and budget.

Be in control and create a plan for your home. Choose from security alerts that benefit you:

Now that you’re ready to take the needed steps to protect your home, give us a call today at 845-246-7558 to create the perfect alarm system for your residence.