Where There’s Smoke, There’s Us

You work hard to see your business grow and support not only your livelihood, but the livelihood of your employees, too. Whether you have a small storefront or large industrial warehouse, fire does not discriminate. Learn how Fischer Systems provides customized security solutions to fit your business’ needs and protect you from the devastation a fire can cause.

Fire Solutions for Businesses

Fischer Systems offers a full range of fire detection solutions to keep your business and it’s assets safe from small sparks and flames. Choose a customized system that best suits your warehouse, storefront, or small shop, and know your business is supported by 24/7 monitoring centers.

Control Panels – Easy to operate control panels give you total access to the level of fire protection your business has. Monitors have environmental sensors designed to detect potential threats that could lead to a fire.

Fire System Devices – Customize your business’ fire detection package with heat and smoke detectors, alarm pull stations, sprinkler detectors, and alert systems to notify authorities.

Early Detection

Detecting a fire in the early stages means the difference between losing your business or keeping damage at a minimum. Reduce the risk of fire by installing alarms and smoke detection systems to protect your business. Advanced technology, such as heat sensors, not only notify you of a potential fire, they also include a feature that notifies the nearest fire departments for assistance.

Extinguish Hazards

In addition to installing a secure  fire and smoke detection systems for your business, following these guidelines can help ensure you’re keeping your facility as safe as possible from potential flames.

  • Do not overload electrical sockets
  • Properly maintain electrical cords and outlets
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the end of the day
  • Monitor heat producing equipment
  • Create a smoke-free environment

Rest assured you’re keeping your business as safe as possible from fire with customized, installed, and monitored fire security systems. Don’t wait until you see smoke to call for help – let Fischer Systems alert you first. Give us a call today!