No Smoke, No Fire

Your home is not only the roof above your head, it is the center of your life. It is the place where countless memories are made and precious possessions are kept and files stored. Don’t take the chance of losing all of this and more by not having adequate protection from fire and poisonous gases. Install a home fire alarm system with Fischer to keep your loved ones safe and your memories intact.

Early Detection Leads to Prevention

Never question your safety with a residential fire alarm system from Fischer. Fires and gas leaks can be easily prevented and avoided, yet without the right protection, you and your loved ones are left vulnerable to the harmful effects. By catching a fire in its early stages, the majority of damages are greatly limited from their otherwise full potential. Some of the benefits of fire alarm and smoke detection installation include:

  • Early notice of a potential fire
  • Fast and easy contact with the fire department
  • Increased likelihood of fire prevention

Know Your Options

Fischer Systems offers a wide range of choices you can customize to fit the needs for your household. By choosing Fischer, you’re choosing personalized service and a reliable alarm system for years to come. Get a dependable fire alarm system that has heat sensors to alert you to the first sign of smoke. Detection systems can be installed to alert the local emergency services at the first sign of danger. Furthermore, when fitted with our residential alarm system, your doors can be unlocked for a quick exit.

Don’t Take the Heat

Along with a home fire detection system and carbon monoxide detectors, it is important to take precautions to ensure your residence is a fireproof space. Taking these steps are a simple, easy way to further prevent smoke, sparks, and flames.

  • Keep fire extinguishers, not only in the kitchen, but in every room of your home. Be careful to note the dates of expiration so they are always ready in case of emergency.
  • Having the fire alarm system is the first step, maintenance is key. Make sure to regularly check the batteries in your system.
  • Candles are great additions to any space in your home, but always remember to put them out before leaving the room. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Sleep easy knowing you and your family are safe. Don’t wait for the spark to ignite your call to us. Talk to us today about installing your home fire alarm system!