Entering your business should be easy for employees and impossible for intruders. With our access control security systems, you get the comfort of knowing your property and information are guarded, so you can focus on what is most important at work, running your business. At Fischer, we have a variety of access control solutions customized to what works best for your particular business needs. Access control systems make a statement to intruders… you are not to be taken advantage of.

There Aren’t Any Backdoors When it Comes to Your Safety

Door Entry & Key Card Access Systems

Make your location easily accessible to employees while keeping your property protected. Our door entry systems can be tailored to fit the needs of your business, no matter its size. We offer access card systems as well as keypad systems for various access points throughout a building, such as merchandise rooms, sensitive data storage, in addition to entrances and exits to your property.

With the installation of our key card access systems, your business will never have to question who has been in and out. You will be able to know who had access, the timing of their entry and exit, and where the entrance occurred. All of this information will lead to a better managed business, and ultimately, more control over your property and the information you work so hard to get everyday. Our key card access systems also alleviates the need for traditional keys, eliminating trips to the hardware store every time one is inevitably lost, or the early morning or late night call you get when you have to let someone who forgot their keys into the building.

We are always available for on site installation and maintenance; it is our number one priority that your system is reliable and held to the highest standards, day in and day out. Contact us today for more information.